Arbonne Intelligence Genius Review

I discovered Arbonne through a friend of mine. She and I have had similar skin issues and she swears that this is the miracle product that saved her skin. Obviously my interest was piqued. I needed to see if this was worth the hype.

Arbonne states that their Intelligence Genius is the perfect addition to your nighttime skincare routine.

The proprietary solution and resurfacing pads work together to reduce the look of dark spots and fine lines for smooth, even-toned, beautiful skin. It’s the perfect addition to your nightly skincare regimen.

They also make the claim that:

In just 2 weeks, 100% of study participants showed Genius improved the appearance of skin moisture, firmness and elasticity.

Arbonne Intelligence Genius contains 3 different types of retinoids as the active ingredient.

I’ve tested this product out for over a month now, and I feel I can give an unbiased review based on my results.

Here is what that little magic potion looks like…

If you have read my previous skin update you already know that I love this product…But now I get to tell you why I love, what would make it better and why some people might pass on the product.

The good. This product works. ‘nough said. After 30 days of using this product I agree 100% with the claims made by Arbonne. The hyperpigmentation left behind from my acne has started to fade, my skin feels moisturized, I have less redness. The combination of this product and my Clarisonic Mia 2 has increased my skin’s ability to absorb moisturizer and treatment products. The only thing that I can’t really lay claim to are those that pertain to  increased firmness or elasticity. I am still quite young so I don’t have a problem with either of those at this point.

The bad. Arbonne products can be a bit on the expensive side. This product rings in at $110. For some women with minor skin flaws it might not be worth it to spend this much money on a skincare product. However for women with acne or significant skin problems $110 on a product that works is completely worth it. I know that I have spent 10 times that amount on products that didn’t work. Also, women with sensitive skin might find this product quite strong on their skin. Retinol, or retinoids, can irritate the skin if they are used without due care. Those with sensitive skin may only want to use this product two or three times a week as opposed to those with oily skin types who could use this product every night.

The final verdict. I think this product is totally worth it. It has worked for me over the past 30 days and I can’t wait to see what my results are going to be over the next 30 days.

If your interested in trying Arbonne’s Intelligence Genius or any Arbonne products here is the link. 
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