Grow a pair…of eyebrows

sev-bushy-brows-lily-collins-lgn sev-bushy-brows-cara-delevigne-lgn kim k brow   camilla belle brow

Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian and Camilla Belle. These women rock a serious brow.

Bold brows have been popular for some time now. Some women are blessed with them, some women are like me and wonder where their eyebrows went every time they snap a selfie.

Operation “Grow a pair…of eyebrows” is born out of sheer envy of the brows shown above. I am determined to grow some serious eyebrows. However, I don’t want to be walking around with unruly, unkempt, unshaped brows for the next month. So this is for all you ladies out there that have been wanting to regrow those brows but refuse to have weird, unshapely caterpillars living above their eyes. Here are my secrets to growing out your brows without looking like this…

oscar the grouch


Alright ladies let’s get started! Pull out the tweezers…wait I thought we were growing our brows out!? We are, but we don’t want to be joining the ranks of good ol’ Oscar while we strive for Delevingne-esque arches. So, like I said, pull out those tweezers and then study this picture:

imagesCAYVXDFV copy

We’ve seen this diagram a million and one times. Which is good, because it’s a good diagram. It tells you exactly where your brow should start, arch and then end. But it doesn’t help you determine how to preserve thickness in your brows. I have updated this timeless diagram with my own additions to help us grow out our brows:

imagesCAYVXDFVIn order to grow out bold, shapely brows we need to preserve as many hairs as we can, but we also need to get rid of hairs that don’t NEED to be there. So we are only going to be plucking stray hairs that are more than 0.5 cm away from our brows. Any hair that falls within 0.5 cm is potentially part of our new brow shape, so we want to save them.

We CAN grow our brows without sporting a dreaded unibrow, and we WILL.

I will be updating you with my brow growth progress here and on Instagram. Thanks for checking out this post! I’d love it if you left a comment!



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