Hair today, blonde tomorrow

Hi everyone! For my first post after my extended break from blogging I wanted to share my most recent hair experiment…diy balayage/ombre highlights. Ooooohhhh I know it sounds scary, but since I’ve moved to a new town I have yet to find a salon or hairstylist nearby.

Alas, I resorted to the world of boxed hair colour. It can be really tricky picking out a box of hair dye. There are at least 400 boxes in one aisle, all with smiling women on the front, all of the women are staring at you…it’s intense. Before heading to the drugstore I did some research on at home highlighting kits. Lo and behold L’Oreal recently released a DIY Ombre kit.


I chose 060 for medium brown hair. No tricks here. I just followed the directions provided in the kit. There are two sets of directions; one for a subtle effect and one for a dramatic ombre. I followed the directions for a dramatic ombre. The kit comes with a handy little comb that you use to paint the colour onto your hair. I painted the ends of my hair and also some strands around my face for a sun kissed effect. I then waited 15 minutes for the colour to develop. After 15 minutes I went back in with the comb and concentrated more colour on the very ends of my hair and near my face for some extra brightness.

Here is my hair before and after.

2014-05-06 12.17.262014-07-25 19.02.07


I’m loving the results from this kit! It was easy to do and it didn’t break the bank. The highlights turned out to be a soft caramel colour which I think brightens up my complexion and gives me that sunny, vacation kind of look. Last but not least, my hair doesn’t feel dry or straw-like. I used the conditioning shampoo from the kit and some of my own Biolage conditioner and it feels just as healthy as before I coloured it. All in all I think this is a great little kit for those of you who want to experiment with ombre hair and at-home highlighting.

Here’s one last snap of my hair. What do you guys think!?
Would you ever try DIY highlights?

2014-07-25 19.04.42








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