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Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about two products that I have enjoyed using. These products were given to me by a friend, Jeanette Weeks…click on her name for more information about her! 🙂

The first product is the Mary Kay Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel. Say that three times fast…
On the Mary Kay website you will find this run down of the product:

  • Gently removes dirt, oil and complexion-dulling impurities.
  • Deep cleanses skin to penetrate and clear pores.
  • Helps reduce and control shine, leaving skin with a beautiful matte finish.
  • Helps maintain a clear complexion.
  • Does not strip skin of moisture.
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  • Rinses clean with no residue.

It’s also fragrance-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.


This cleanser gets it done! It’s a clear gel that foams into a nice lather. It doesn’t have any distinct smell as it is fragrance free, which I love! FRAGRANCE DOES NOT EQUAL SKINCARE!!! So thank-you Mary Kay for leaving irritating fragrances out of a cleanser designed for already irritated skin…applause! I find that this cleanser effectively removes excess oil and dirt from my skin. I have tested it by using a toner on a white cotton pad after cleansing. Nothing shows up on the cotton pad! Yay! After using this cleanser my skin feels clean and soft. I don’t feel dried out at all. The only claim that Mary Kay makes about this cleanser that I cannot vouch for is whether it reduces and controls shine. My skin will grease through the best mattifying products on the market. About 1 hour after washing my face I can see the oil start to seep through my pores, but that’s okay because I have always been this way.

The second product I want to talk about is from the same line. It’s the Clear Proof Oil Free Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin. What is with these hella-long names!? Aha! Anyways, here’s what Mary Kay says about this moisturizer:

  • Replenishes moisture to provide balanced hydration.
  • Is lightweight and quick-absorbing with no oily or greasy feel.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • Helps control excess oil, leaving skin with a beautiful matte finish.
  • Feels soothing to irritated skin.
  • Improves the appearance of skin’s tone.
  • Helps skin feel healthier, nourished and smooth.
  • Helps maintain skin’s moisture.

It also is non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, and clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.


I really like this moisturizer! It’s a gel-cream texture that feels absolutely amazing on my greasy face. I find that this moisturizer absorbs quite quickly and it doesn’t leave any sticky or oily-looking residue on my skin. I don’t think I have been using this product long enough to make a conclusive statement as to whether it has altered or improved the texture or appearance of my skin but after a few more weeks I’ll let you guys know. I have been rolling through different moisturizers for a while and none of them have really impressed me, but this one is definitely impressive. I will enjoy using every last drop of it!

Thanks for reading my review! If you’re interested in trying these products or any other Mary Kay products click here!



april 2014 skin update

Screenshot 2014-05-02 15.37.58


Hi friends! I’m a few days late on my April skin update, but I did take these pictures on the very last day of April, so technically it still counts.

As you can see my skin has improved even more over this past month. You can check out my March skin update here to compare.

My cheeks have maybe 3 pimples in total. There is still hyperpigmentation and redness present, but I feel like each of these problems has improved since my last update. Hyperpigmentation takes a really long time to resolve so I am trying to be as patient as I can. As for the redness, I am trying to be as gentle with my skin as possible in order to reduce any irritation. I’m not using any harsh cleansers or soap on my face, I moisturize morning and night, and I’m using a buttload of SPF on my face…that’s right, a buttload. Since the sun has started peaking out I have upped it to an SPF of 30 or greater every day.

My forehead is going a little cray…I think I’m experiencing a bit of a PMS/hormonal breakout because I have 4 giant pimples on my head. They are the deep, painful type. Not quite a cyst, but definitely cyst-like. I think it’s probably going to take two or more weeks for these suckers to vacate the premises…ugh! Due to the fact that my forehead is acting up I’ve added some benzoyl peroxide back into my skin care routine. I’m only using a 2.5% concentration, and I’m only putting it on my forehead. I use a small dot of the Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment and then spread it all over my forehead. Then I put my nighttime moisturizer on.

Here’s a lovely picture of my forehead…Please ask small children to leave the room before scrolling down.
DSC00417Aaaaaahhhhh!! TOO CLOSE!!
My sincerest apologies.

I will be posting a full skin care routine that includes all of the products I use. For those that are wondering, I am still using my Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Arbonne Intelligence Genius.

Thanks for checking in with The Beauty Remedy! Please leave any comments or questions below, I love hearing from you! 🙂


Body Beauty

You cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize and protect your face everyday, sometimes twice a day.Well your body is jealous and it wants some attention too. If you are guilty of neglecting the skin south of your collarbones now is the time to change that. Spring is in the air and the hemlines are coming up and the necklines are going down, so let’s get all of your skin glowing like this…


Cleanse. I assume that most of us use some sort of soap when we shower or bathe…If you don’t then maybe you should start. Soap is good thing. Use it. Use whatever type of soap that makes you happy. Bar soap, body washes, unscented, scented…blah blah blah. I buy whatever is on sale and smells good, so I don’t have any tried and true recommendations for you.

Exfoliate. Here is some magic. Use that soap with an exfoliating mitt or a loofah. Get rid of all that flaky skin that hangs out around your elbows, knees and ankles. Exfoliating the skin on your body can help heal and prevent bacne or chestne (is that a word?) and it can also help with those annoying bumps that live on the backs of your arms (you know what I’m talking about). Just like exfoliating your face leaves you all soft and glowy, the same will happen for your body. Who doesn’t want some extra glow?

Treat. This tip is for those of us that have body acne, scars, or stretch marks. I am blessed with all of these things. Le sigh. For body acne I use tea tree oil. Just a few drops smeared over the affected area once or twice a day will do the trick. I’ll be doing a post on the wonders of tea tree oil sometime soon! For scars and stretch marks I have used bio oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E cream, regular moisturizers, etc, etc. For fresh cuts and scrapes that you know are going to leave a scar I would suggest coconut oil. I had a really terrible spot of road rash a few years back from falling off a bike. I started putting coconut oil on it immediately. I applied the oil everyday at least twice. After about a month of use you could barely tell that I had slid 4 feet across some gravel. Very impressive. I have yet to find a product that helps with old scars so please leave a comment if you have any product suggestions or tips and tricks! For stretch marks I find that a regular regimen of exfoliating and moisturizing has lessened the appearance of any stretch marks on my body.

Moisturize. Go out to the closest Costco, buy an economy size barrel of body lotion, and apply liberally! Everytime you cleanse and exfoliate your body you should follow up with a moisturizer. This one is my all time fave, I have been using it forever. Moisturizing your skin will help keep it in tip top shape. You will glow. You will be less itchy. Healthy moisturized skin is less susceptible to irritation from your environment…that means less unexplainable rashes. Moisturizing is not just about beauty, it is about your health. HA! No but seriously

Protect. If you are not won over yet by this impressive blog post about the importance of treating the skin on your body just as well as your treat the skin on your face then please, please, please start pay attention to this one thing. PUT ON SUNSCREEN. That is all. This is probably more important than any of the aforementioned tips and tricks (except maybe soap). Sunscreen will not only keep your skin looking younger, longer, it will protect you from sunburns, sun damage and skin cancer. Melanoma is a serious thing and it is completely preventable with a little SPF.

Thanks for dropping in! Please leave a comment with your favourite body beauty tips, tricks or product recommendations. I’d love to hear from you!

march 2014 skin update



Thirty days ago I started a new skin care regimen. I had been suffering from a breakout that was getting progressively worse over the previous 6 months. I was frustrated. I was desperate. I just wanted something to work! 

I decided to throw out all of my “traditional” acne treatments. No more benzoyl peroxide, no more salicylic acid, no acne cleansers…if it targeted acne-prone skin, I stopped putting it on my face. 

Enter a whole new cleansing routine and a key anti-aging ingredient! 

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a Clarisonic Mia 2 and Arbonne Intelligence Genius. This dynamic duo has changed my skin completely! I’ll be doing in-depth reviews on each of these products very soon. 

Here are some up close and personal pictures of my bare skin today…
those with sensitive stomachs should tread carefully


My skin has come a long way in a month. You can see how it used to look here and here. I have less than 5 actual pimples and much of my redness is reduced. Even though the condition of my skin has improved tenfold it still has a long way to go before it’s “normal”. I have hyperpigmentation left over from healing pimples. I also have a few pitted scars.

The Clarisonic and the Arbonne Intelligence Genius have improved all aspects of my skin. I no longer have random dry patches around my mouth and on my nose. The texture of my skin is much smoother. The redness has also decreased. Since beginning this new skin care regimen the hyperpigmentation and scarring that I already had has decreased slightly. I’ve also noticed that any fresh breakouts are healing faster and are not leaving any noticeable hyperpigmentation or scars. 

I finally have hope that one day I’m going to wake up and look in the mirror and see “normal” skin! Even though I’m not there yet, I haven’t felt this hopeful in about a year. It’s a good feeling! 

If you have any questions or advice regarding skin care or acne please leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you. Thanks again for checking in with The Beauty Remedy! xo