july/august 2014 skin update

Hi friends! Get ready to look at a bunch of pictures of my goofy face. 

Since my last skin update in April (dang, that’s a long time ago) my skin has been through it’s up and downs. I endured a few weeks of extremely high stress and that definitely took a toll on my skin. I also have included some new skin care products into my daily routine. So let me give you a quick run through on what my skin has been doing and then we’ll be all caught up to the present. 

May. My skin was steadily improving since the last skin update. No major problems. 

June. My skin exploded into about 15 cystic pimples that dwelled under the skin like trolls and caused immense amounts of pain. These cysts were extremely stubborn. I didn’t know what to do about them. I panicked and bought new skin care products which I will review very soon for you! I also moved across the entire country at this time. I was flying back and forth from the West Coast to the East Coast which also stressed out my skin. The dry air in planes wreaks havoc on skin that is already suffering from inflammatory conditions (such as acne). Lastly the climate on the East Coast of Canada is twice as humid as the West Coast. We are talking days that are 100% humidity over here in good ol’ Sydney, NS. The humidity also caused my skin to freak out…major oil production fiasco! All of these changes caused the breakouts but also stalled my ability to heal them. 

July. Armed with new skin care products and knowledge from intense internet research I have started to approach my skin care from a slightly different angle. My skin is beginning to heal. 

August. Here we are at the present! Here are some pics of how my skin looks like now. 


2014-08-01 13.16.032014-08-01 13.16.07 2014-08-01 13.15.32  

These pictures aren’t the best, nor did I take the time to crop them (sowwy!). However they are pretty true to what I am looking at in the mirror each morning. Apart from the two large pimples on my forehead that magically emerged overnight, the majority of my skin is improving. The hyperpigmentation on my forehead and cheeks is slowly decreasing. They are slightly dusky in colour but have decreased in size immensely. The texture of my skin has changed significantly, in my opinion. I still have a few crater-like scars, but the majority of my skin feels smooth to the touch. 

Thanks for following my acne story. If you are suffering with adult acne please share your story with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you! 


bad skin blues

This is the first step I’m taking in chronicling my acne story. Over the course of the next few weeks, or months (who knows), I’m going to be talking about my acne and skin care successes and failures. Here goes nothing…

I have bad skin. There’s really no way around it. My skin complaints include, but are not limited to: oily, acne prone, cystic acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, fine lines (around my eyes), wrinkles (on my forehead), hyperpigmentation, and scars.


These are the most recent photos I have of my bare skin. You can see how it looked a month ago here. My skin is much improved since the beginning of this year, but obviously it’s not perfect. Currently I have 2 or 3 active pimples (down from 10-15!). Most of the spots you see in the pictures is hyperpigmentation. This is a step in the right direction when trying to conquer adult acne.

Adult acne is a cruel joke. I had moderate acne when I was a high school student but a simple skin care regimen that included a prescription topical took care of that. Now, in my early twenties, acne has reared it’s ugly head yet again. The problem with adult acne is that a simple skin-care regimen is not going to cut it. Adult acne is closely tied to hormonal fluctuations and imbalances. So the key to reducing acne and improving the skin is to control the hormones. Easier said than done…

I have relentlessly researched how to balance female hormones related to adult acne. With hundreds of hours of research under my belt these are the changes I’ve made in my life to balance my hormones:

  • Staying hydrated: I drink 3-4 litres of water each day. I also drink a lot of green teas and herbal teas. Drinking water can help flush toxins out of the body.
  • Exercising: In the past I would have bursts of activity that last for 3-4 days and then I’d sit and vegetate for 5 days. Recently I have been trying to do moderate to intense activity every other day. I usually go to the gym or do a home workout.
  • Cutting down on sugar: This one kills me the most. I love chocolate and candy bars. I could literally eat them everyday and be so happy. However, sugar creates a stress response in the body. This stress response contributes to the wacky hormone levels that create ugliness on my face. So I had to break up with candy. I do still treat myself occasionally. Maybe 2-3 times a week. My goal is to cut treats down to once a week.
  • Sleeping: It’s hard to get adequate sleep. Everyone is well aware that getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night is good for you. Unfortunately, as a nurse, there are some nights when I’m getting zero hours of sleep. To combat this I’ve been letting myself sleep as much as humanly possible on my days off and then just sucking it up on the days and nights I work. So when I average out my sleep I’m still getting between 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

Each of these strategies is aimed at reducing physical, emotional and physiological stress. The less stressed I am, the less acne I will have.

Stay tuned, soon I’ll be sharing the skin care routine that has made the biggest impact on my skin.

Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments. I’d also love to hear some of your lifestyle beauty tips!